Thursday, January 5, 2012

teleworking freelancer

Advantages and disadvantages of teleworking freelancer

 The chief asked for the umpteenth time to rearrange the punctuation marks in the report. Your roommate ate garlic for lunch. In the subway broke new expensive pantyhose. To the salary for another two weeks, but the money is gone. You sit at work lowering clouds and at one point decide to Everything! I leave the office. Tomorrow I'm writing a letter of resignation. I'm going to "free bread" and I will be a freelancer. I would lie on the white sand, dreamily watching the ocean, but occasionally manicured nail to press a button on a laptop computer to check how much money was received in the account.
I'll tell you right away - this is possible. But here's how to do it, talk about later. First, let's talk about the pros and cons of freelancing.
I want to ask you at once, even if right now you have a problem in the office and take-all, do not take hasty decisions based solely on your emotions. It often happens that we make a decision influenced by emotions, then emotions are, but cut way back. So, first make sure that you are rationally weighed the pros and cons and made the right decision.
So, what is freelancing? There are two varieties of it that we must distinguish between them.
First: it's remote work outside the office, but you are staying or employee or a freelance professional, or perform any services for long-term basis. Do you have a contract with an employer and you're safely home. This appended work remotely, in my opinion, is the best, that is, there is an element of stability as you work on a long term basis.
If you have a few customers, you will be able to make good. Even better, if your employer (with the time!) Will go towards valuable employee, and allow some work to perform at home, for example, a couple of times a week. True, this applies not to all specialties.
Second: it's actually freelance, that is an independent activity. Often there are a combination of both. In pure form, a freelancer - a specialist who works for himself. This work is a kind of remote (Internet) business with all its attendant pluses and minuses.

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