secret key to success

secret key to success in online business

Not sure about the next step in your
career? Do not go at random job, but remember: what
work would you do dearest?in this
course you will learn what a career is doing and how you choose one.
Three career counselors give advice. We discuss five good self help books
and we ask you some bold questions. Examine yourself and see what work you really want to do.

Ten characteristics of successful people. Apply them, and all your dreams come true.

Ten characteristics of successful people. Apply them, and all your dreams come true.
1. Everything depends on how you think

Think positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of negative influences.
2. Choose your goals  :

Doelstellingen worden vaak te vaag en vrijblijvend geformuleerd als wensen, intenties, of goede voornemens. Om succesvol leiding te geven moet je zoveel mogelijk SMART doelen stellen. SMART staat voor:
  • Specifiek
  • Meetbaar
  • Acceptabel
  • Realistisch
  • Tijdgebonden
Een SMART-doelstelling is richtinggevend: het geeft aan wat je wilt bereiken en stuurt het gedrag van je medewerkers en van jezelf. Bovendien wordt aangegeven welke resultaten wanneer moeten worden bereikt. Door een doelstelling SMART te formuleren is de kans groter dat er in de praktijk iets van terecht komt.
De eigenschappen Meetbaar en Acceptabel gelden ook voorSpecifically
Describe the purpose clear and concrete. It should be an observable action, behavior or results which describe a number, amount, percentage or other quantitative data is connected.
A clear objective answers the six W-questions:
What do we want?
Who is involved?
What are we doing?
When does it occur?
What parts of the objective esssentieel?
Why do we want this goal?
The stakeholders have a clear link between the objective and the activities that they asked.
As the target more precisely formulated, the easier it is to fill it.Measurable
How do we do? How can we measure it? A system, method and procedure to determine the extent to which the target at a certain point is reached.
What's it like to be finished? A SMART goal, you can see, hear, taste, smell or feel.
A SMART objective is normative: it is a measure of the quality of the effort.
If possible, do a baseline to determine the starting position.Acceptable
Is there support for what we do? Is it consistent with the policies and objectives of the organization? Are the actors willing to commit to the goal?
If you are a SMART goal set for yourself, it is sufficient that you accept yourself. But when you as a manager for a target group suggests, it is important that support for it. Employees must want it, otherwise the target is not achieved or not sink in the change.
You can increase support by people actively involved in the selection and formulation of the objective. It is important to them while actually empowering. Especially short-term goals should be as low as possible in the organization are determined.
Sometimes the 'A' SMART also explained as "identifiable". This means that it must be clear who does what to the goal.
And another explanation for the 'A' is "Active" or "action oriented": the aim should invite action and energy release. The objective should be formulated positively. An action plan. But notice that a SMART goal requires a particular result, not an effort.

3. Take action

Goals are nothing without action. Do not be afraid to start. Get started!
4. Never stop learning

Go back to school and read books. Follow training and develop yourself. Dare to learn!
5. Persevere and work hard

Success is a marathon, not spring tenet is about perseverance Never give up.
6. Analyze the details

Gather facts and information. Attention to details and get them analyzed. Learn from your mistakes.
7. Focus time and money

Do not be distracted by other people and other things. Follow the course time management.
8. Dare to innovate. Do it differently. Herd behavior leads to mediocrity. Dare to do things differently.
9. Go effectively with others

No one lives on an island. Communication is important. Understand what motivates others.
10. Be honest and trustworthy, take responsibility
Is the goal achievable? Is there a feasible plan with reasonable effort? Can the parties requested the results actually influence? Do they have sufficient know-how, capacity, resources and authority? This is important as an unattainable goal motivates people.Too easy target is not interesting because it challenges people and poses no satisfaction. It is best to set goals that are just above the level of the person or organization which lie about 50% chance of success. If people feel they have something extra to do to achieve the goal they feel proud and gives energy for new challenges. A SMART goal should be seen as a project, not as a task. Dare a challenge!
A goal may be unrealistic, if he got too low in the organization is imposed. For example, "the profit in one year by 20%" is not a good target for the sales department. Profit is an integral result of the entire company.
A realistic goal must take into account the practice. In any organization, people working 100% to a target. There are always other activities, unexpected events and distractions.
Hard to reach goals you can split into smaller achievable sub. The interim results provide new energy.
Sometimes the "R" in SMART also explained as "relevant". A meaningful and achievable goal is motivating and makes energy release.Timed
When we start the business? When we're done? When is the goal?
A SMART goal has a clear start date and end date.
Especially short-term goals must be SMART. For long-term goals is not always mogelijk.Goede examples

This year I want my 20 credits get management training.
Over 5 years, I project manager, responsible for IT projects from 100,000 to 1,000,000 euros.
Earnings next year should be 30% higher than last year.
Bad examples

I want a nice job (not specific, not measurable, not time bound).
We are the best in the market (not measurable, not time bound).
To increase labor participation, people back into work and work longer hours (queen Beatrix, Queen's Speech 2004).
You can include in a SMART objectives:

Command you as a manager of employee (s) does.
Business Plan
Marketing Plan: SMART follow-up after a SWOT analysis
Even in setting personal goals in education, career, time management, etc. it's good to be SMART. Think of the goals in your personal growth development plan (PDP).SMART is smart?
The famous speech I Have a Dream Martin Luther King was not SMART (because not measurable, not time bound). But it was a brilliant speech, very inspiring and energizing.
Anyone who wants to explore the unknown can not be specific. Measurable results of calculating behavior. Acceptable targets are not confrontational. Realistic goals are not ambitious. Time-bound goals have a limited shelf life.
SMART is a useful checklist for everyday objectives to study and work. But it also imposes restrictions that are very worthwhile goals rule.