online bank

Why do I get back online bank your browser's Back button?
If you leave the online bank, for example, by using the link in your favorites, and closing the online banking Stop button, you go back, press your browser's Back button. This is standard practice on the Internet encrypted pages and this should not worry. Because online banking session is protected by a context-and, all the details are not using this machine for example, the other site users or administrators can not access your connection. If you do not go back to your session within 15 minutes, the session is disconnected.
Stop Using always tapping the Exit button at the top of the screen. Since this is a browser recording data, it is very important that you use online banking services, job sharing, or other possible devices in the Internet, the connection is cut off, in addition to backup measure to clear the browser cache and history data, and always close the browser.Browser settings and operating
Cookies, JavaScript, Active-X. What do they do?
Online banking requires the use of cookies. If you block the use of cookies from your browser, you can not use online banking. Error Response renewed online banking is then "Your session has expired. Netbank session has been closed due to safety because:

service has not been used for 15 minutes or
your browser's cookies are blocked
Corporate online banking gives an error answer: "'HTTP 404 Error: Session Cookies usage required."
Cookies are records that online banking Web server sends to a browser program, and they are used for session management. They are used only during your session, nor stored in the user's hard disk (Expires information is not used), but remain in the browser's memory and disappear when you close your browser.
For example, if using Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 2 or Netscape 7.1 browsers, we recommend that cookies, security level of the IE 6.0 browser to medium high, and in Netscape 7.1 browsers security level for cookies to be the high point.
You need JavaScript
This html control language used in online banking ancillary functions such as cursor control input form, the presentation of error messages, input boxes, etc. All checks Javascript commands from Nordea Bank's online bank, and the SSL protocol Nordea signed, can not be changed on the way. Javascript functions do not contain any customer's computing environment, endangering features. Online banking is possible, though difficult, without the support Javascript.
Netbank is not used for an ActiveX or Java-sinks. If in the future will be used, we will notify the service separately.

What is the cache or the cache?
The programs must use a browser cache, or cache, during which the pages are saved. Also online banking pages can be saved in the cache. If you use microns, which is of other users (for example, in the workplace and in the library), banking secrecy could be compromised in the cache or the disk due to missed data.
Online banking sites are encrypted with SSL encryption. You can set your browser to that web pages stored in the bank encrypted your browser's cache or hard drive.
You can also clear the cache (cache), the browser settings (Tools / Internet Options). Drain to remove from the cache all the other pages on the Internet searching for, and thus slows down page loading.
Clear cache every time you have used online banking in shared mikrolla. When the device is available only to you, not clearing the cache is not necessary.

How do I get the company to print your online bank statement pagination into place?

Nordea's online bank account statements and references click when you pick up "lines are numbered." Save the file and open it in Word, for example. In this case, the downloaded file, the output is displayed on one page fits in the number of lines. Change it to the bank's network of material selection and application configurations to "Back to the line number" (the default is 64). Data is stored, it does not need to change more than once. This will enable the pagination will work correctly.
Why Netbank use pop-ups?
We use the pop-up windows (pop-up windows), with care, so that we can provide the best service possible. All the pages can not be opened in the same window, because then the current session may be lost. Separate windows for plenty of investment services, such as Market Information Service.
I do not see all the windows, which I opened, why?
Many newer browsers have a feature that helps prevent pop-ups. In addition, there are other separate programs such as firewall and antivirus software, which can block pop-up window from opening. By changing the program pop-up blocker settings for pop-up windows appear.
Online banking services are generally working well, although the pop-up blocker is enabled. In this case, online banking instructions, conditions, and the corresponding data will continue to head a small instruction window, the pop-up window has been created by the user. Some additional online banking services may occur, however, situations where the automatic creation of pop-up window is blocked.
To allow pop-up online banking
Inform the browser pop-up blocking in a separate note. For example, in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer, the browser address bar appears below the inhibition message to tell you the line. In this case, the user must modify your browser settings and add approved sites *. Another option is to change your browser's filtering level.
Windows XP Service Pack 2 update, comes with Internet Explorer 6.0 browser, this is done as follows: Click Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Settings, and add the Web site to allow *. address and press Add. Then click Close and OK. After this, all pop-ups Nordea addresses aukevat problems. If you want to allow all pop-ups from secure websites (https), point to Settings, click the Filter Level: Low.
Popup windows Firewox inhibition of the Mozilla browser, in turn, occurs in such a way that the top of the browser will issue a warning telling the yellow bar. By clicking opens a menu where you can allow pop act selection
"Allow ....." (Allow pop-ups for .....). The use of pop-ups can also adjust the settings under the Web features (web features) / Block pop-ups (in Block Popup Windows) / Fixed Services (Allowed Sites).
Why does the web service, the bank will appear on your screen pop-up icons to advertise various products?
Ad pages and advertising pop-ups do not come from online banking service. Customer's machine is installed somewhere outside the site or software package program (spyware) that displays these ads on a periodic basis. May include ads from appearing. triggered by a) the machine-on time b) the use of an SSL connection or a random advertising at certain intervals.
Spyware removal programs can be tricky, so Nordea recommends, for example to contact your Internet service provider, the device (computer) hardware dealer or service center.Internet Connections
Why can not I access online banking or Internet connection is slow?
Check the following:

you have a service suitable for the use of a browser program
tietoliikenneyhteytesi accepts encrypted connections
the use of cookies is allowed
If you connect from Bookmark / favorite / favorite-list, and no connection, do the following: Fill in your browser address bar, and then the front page of the Network drop-down menu for personal customers online
Downloading large files from the Internet or watching videos? To stop a file download.
Is your Internet connection is broken? If so, please contact again. If the connection still does not work, you can not access any other service sites, please contact your operator.
What do I do if my online banking user ID and code do not match?
If the online banking login page to enter your user name or identification number is not correct, notify the service: User ID and code do not match.
The service gives the correct PIN code serial number, if an indicator is + / - two key figure from the right. If the service does not tell the order number, enter a user name yet again and the next free code. If they still do not match, enter your code is obviously wrong. You can check the correct PIN code serial number, call 0100 6730 (lnc / mnc), choice of 2 / PIN query. This service is available around the clock.
Please note that the five (5) times the wrong company locks the service. If this happens, the service is automatically available the next day. Blocked the service can also be activated by visiting a branch.
Why do your online banking or additional service does not work in the workplace?
Contact your company computer contact person. When a local area network opens access to the Internet, outside the entrance to prevent placed between the hardware, software or a combination of a firewall (firewall Engl.). The firewall controls the company's network, coming in and out of the traffic. Responsible for the maintenance of the network determines the firewall allowed connections and protocols (up to a single address can be specified separately).
Why I got the modem connection is interrupted the session to give back to the bank account?
Internet browsers do not work as well as the traditional end-applications such as Telnet, FTP, etc., which have a continuous connection (connection data) server and the user program between. Internet browsers, this connection is always in use, only a minute from the time a user clicks on a link, and the ending, when a click results (web page) is returned to the user. Between these clicks is not there any real connection between the user and the server. This is called yhteydettömäksi data.
In a situation where the modem is disconnected and re-formed immediately, and the browser's memory bank servers stored in the session management information are still in use and contact may continue in the normal way. This is not a security hole or a problem, because the session management information only, and only the user-controlled web browser known as well as a fully independent lines or cable modems. No outsiders were able to take possession of such a session.
The meeting was carried out by depositing the client browser and the bank's servers in the memories of Internet addresses and cookies (cookies Engl.). As well as the address that the cookies are deleted immediately after the transaction terminal to a service by guiding the way. This online banking and the safety of others requires a browser-based services is carried out without exception.
Between the browser and the bank session is completely independent of the Internet connection, modem connection, communication networks, and other physical Internet connections. As long as your browser is running, the session management information in the browser's memory and the session can continue, even if the individual clicks used to perform the physical connection that would have happened no matter what.
Stop Using always tapping the Exit button. It is important that you use banking services or job-sharing with other machines, the connection is cut off, in addition to backup measure to clear the browser cache and history data, and always close the browser.Links to other online bank services
Online bank came the e-bills, direct debits or direct bills must show the invoice data-link if the offers invoicer invoice presentment communication network.
When your employer offers a salary statements in electronic form, will palkkatapahtumaasi online banking link to see detail.
How do I display the invoice data link maksullani?
When the invoice details are available through online banking, you do not need paper invoices or advance notice. You can cancel the service, the paper sent by Biller, a web link you to the bank's lead.
Invoices up your personal archive. You can check your bill, when it suits you. If you have any comments on your invoice, you will find the invoicing instructions for providing feedback to the service. When you need a paper invoice, print it yourself.
How do I display specification link, which will salary?
Electronic pay slips to give you the opportunity to check the salary information anytime, anywhere, when you have an Internet connection and access codes. A paper payslip becomes unnecessary, since the wage data is safe and verifiable when you need them. Access to online bank is protected and not palkkatietojasi get to see anyone other than yourself.
To move a user of the electronic calculation in Peru by the paper calculation function, which can be found in the wage calculations browsing. The latest palkkapanosi you can browse through the parents pay slip.
Pay slip up your personal archive. You can use it when you need to, for example, reviewing the tax proposal. If palkassasi a comment, you will find instructions for providing feedback to the service. When you need a payslip on paper, print it yourself.
Why link to the rest of the service does not work?
If you have already received your invoice, or hired by the data displayed on the same device, the same connection, and the same device or network environment, the service may be changed.
Please contact customer service or invoicer palkkatoimistoosi. You can also call Customer Service or to send information about the problem of the bank's network mail. Tell you receive an error message, it will help in clearing.
For more information, please call Nordea Customer Service 0200 3000 (lnc / mnc) Mon-Fri 8-20.
If you're using your office network and the link is broken, make sure your company's computer support person, whether the network with a firewall blocking the service. Ask him to look into the matter and to be necessary in connection with Nordea for corporate advice, phone 0200 67210 (0.11 € / min + local network charge / mobile call charge).
If you do not get hired, or display information about bills, service may be intermittent tilapainen.
Why do I need to register again online bank, when I get back from checking my bills, or salary information?
When you enter your online bank bills presentment service or pay slips browsing, online banking session will remain open in the background for 15 minutes. If you stay online banking service ulkopuolisesa longer, you will need to register with an online bank again.Terminal and Peripherals
Where can I get a barcode reader?
PC connected to the keyboard between the reader, you can buy directly from the network online bank web addresses:, and Barcode reader to facilitate the work, when injected into a lot of fees.Mobile e-
Check out mobile services in demo (Flash)Asked Questions
1. Can I use online banking mobile phone?
In order to use online banking by mobile, you must have

access codes (username and figures)
mobile phone with a browser.
2. What kind of phone I have to have?
It is sufficient that the phone has a browser, which can be found in almost all mobile phones.

Mobile Network Bank to use your mobile phone must have an Internet browser (HTML compatible), and larger screen.
WAP service to use your mobile phone must be WAP browser. If your phone has a smaller screen, you should use the WAP service.
Netbank's text version is intended for communicators.
3. How do I get my mobile phone to an online bank?
The easiest way to get an online bank, when you save a bookmark to your mobile phone. Subscribe to the mobile services free of charge to the address as a bookmark, an Internet phone and use the desired service, select the Mobile Nordea bookmark.
To access the online bank, either by typing the address into your browser or operator's mobile portal.
Through a browser
1. The browser can be found in the phone's menu, for example, or the name of the Web Services.
2. Enter the address
Operator's mobile portal
1. Nokia and many other phones, and your browser open, press and hold 0
2. You can find your operator's mobile banking services on the portal such as points, or commercial banks.
4. How do I save a bookmark on my phone?
Subscribe to bookmark on your phone free of charge (See Question 3 How do I get my mobile phone to an online bank?). You can also add it to your browser, follow the steps below. Add a bookmark is slightly different in different browsers.
1. Open your browser
2. Select Options - Bookmarks - Options - Manage bookmarks - Add to bookmark.
3. Enter the name of the bookmark Mobile Nordea and address and then select Options - Save.
5. Is it safe to use the services?
Services are safe to use. Netbank's text version, online banking and mobile WAP service uses the same security methods as regular online banking. You will need the access codes each time you login to the service, or confirm the charges. Contact your phone and the bank is always encrypted.
6. Are my assets and my data at risk if my phone is lost?
Netbank did not get one without the online bank, which asked each time you log on. Online banking does not store any data on your phone. Thus, your funds and your data are not at risk if your phone is lost or falls into the wrong hands.
7. How much to use online banking to pay my mobile phone?
Online banking is included in the BIC for your mobile phone. You only pay for data transfer used by the operator. Tietoliikennemaksuistasi information provided by your operator.
8. Where the service can be used?
You can use the service anywhere - whenever you are connected to the network.
9. Will the service work abroad?
The service also works abroad, if the operator has made a so-called. roaming agreement abroad, your operator, which is a common practice. For more information about the agreement and the international transfer pricing, contact your network operator.
10. Why can not I access the service a mobile phone?

Make sure that your phone is Internet access. To test this, Nokia phones, press 0 for a long time. If you do not get your act, please contact the operator and the space on your phone.
Check that your phone has a browser and what browser works on our services. See question 2 What kind of phone I have to have?
Make sure you log numbers. Many phones input field will be the letters, unless you hold the number on the bottom for a long time, or else writing a numeric # key.
11. Why is my phone's browser can not Nordea's service, even though it works in other Internet services?

Opera Mini, 1 and 2, and the Blazer and AvantGo browsers for security reasons you can not use online banking.
Some Nokia phones have two browsers. Services browser, you can use both WAP services and Mobile Netbank. Opera, Netfront Web browser, you can only use the mobile Internet banking, because they do not always have a WAP support.
Phones with no WAP browser, and that you can only use the mobile Internet banking, are, for example the Sony Ericsson W300i, W550i, W600i, W700i, W710i, W810i, W850i, W900i, W950i, K310i, K510i, K610i, K790i, K800i, Z530i, Z550i, Z710i, P990i and M600i.
12. Why do pages load slowly?
Use of the service may be slower than what you're used to on your computer using a broadband connection.
13. Why can not I have ordered a bookmark in your browser find?
In some phone models, the bookmark is saved in the Services browser bookmarks. If you want to use Nordea's mobile phone services in the Web browser, your bookmarks manually (see the question How do I save a bookmark on my phone?). Phones, where the bookmark is saved in the Services Browser, include. Nokia phones 3250, 5500, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N91, N92, N93 (i), E50, E60, E61 (i), E62, E65, or E70.Netbank's text version of Communicator
The network's back-up connection (text version) is the function and appearance almost identical to the PC for online banking. The structure is simpler. Menu consists of a page, shortcuts, and a separate menu page, where you can find all the services.
The text version is designed for Internet terminals, with a normal PC in a smaller screen or a slow connection. Such equipment are communicators and PCs, when you use your mobile phone as a modem. The text version can also be used with standard PCs.
Netbank's text version, you can sign up online banking login page, or visit Netbank smartphones, with a sizeable display, and handheld computers as well as newer phones with no WAP browser
Mobile Netbank is designed for smartphones with Web browsers and the larger vertical display. These phones are Nokia S60 series phones. The service is also intended for handheld computers and the newer phones with no WAP browser, such as the Sony Ericsson W300i, W550i, W600i, W700i, W710i, W810i, W850i, W900i, W950i, K310i, K510i, K610i, K790i, K800i, Z530i, Z550i , Z710i, P990i and M600i. Service, you will find almost the same as the online banking services bank.
Use mobile phone browser to bank online. Can also use Opera or Netfront browsers. Opera Mini, 1 and 2 browsers for security reasons you can not use online banking, but the newer versions of Opera Mini, you can. In some newer Nokia phones have two browsers. Services browser, you can use both WAP services and mobile Internet banking, and Opera, Netfront Web browser for mobile online banking.
Mobile Netbank is also possible to use handheld computers, browsers such as Internet Explorer and Eudora. Instead, AvantGo and Blazer browsers for security reasons you can not use online banking.
Mobile Netbank you can sign up for mobile services at Subscribe to the mobile services free of charge to the address as a bookmark, an Internet phone and use the desired service, select the Mobile Nordea bookmark. You may also access the service directly to the operator's portal.WAP service phones with a WAP browser
WAP service that you can use, if your phone has a WAP browser. Thus, the WAP service is suitable for parents of Internet phones and the Nokia Series 40 phones with a smaller vertical display. You can use the service with smart phones, which is actually intended for mobile online banking. Information on your phone's WAP browser, you will find your user's manual. WAP services can be found in commonly used banking services.
If you have a so-called. Internet (WAP 2.0) phone, use your operator settings, and go to a WAP address This page is preferable to add your phone's bookmarks. You can also subscribe to mobile services free of charge to the address as a bookmark on your phone and the Internet using a WAP service, click Mobile Nordea bookmark. Nordea's WAP service, you may also reach directly to the operator's portal.Nokia 9300 and 9500
The Nokia 9500 Communicator and Nokia 9300 smartphone, you can use your online bank reserve (text version), which is designed for Internet appliances, which is normal for a smaller screen or a slow connection.
You can find the text version of online banking at This address should also make the phone's bookmarks, press the Web button on your phone's keypad, and select Bookmarks - bookmark. Enter your name and address of the Mobile Nordea To save a bookmark then press OK.
Connect to Nordea's mobile service, select the bookmark you just created. When your phone asks you which connection you want to use, select the operator "Internet access", ie for example the Internet, Sonera, Elisa Internet or a wireless LAN, if you have this option. Do not select such as, Sonera, Elisa WAP WAP or GPRS connection, because these connections to the phone can not connect to online banking. If you have accidentally selected the above link, or you have a link to the Nordea operator's portal, you get an error message such as "Could not find Specified web server" or "System: Connection timed out". Close this case using the contact form, and the right connection.
If you have changed your Internet settings so that the phone does not ask for a connection, for example, is oletusyhteytenä Sonera, Elisa WAP WAP or GPRS. Change this setting in a format that the phone asks for the connection. You can do this, click the Desktop - Tools - Control Panel - Connections - Internet Options and change the Other tab in the Ask before connecting into Well.
When you go to the text version of the online banking login, the phone will show you a cookie, which you must accept to be able to use online banking. If the answer to "Accept all cookies from this domain", the phone automatically accepts the text version of the future use of a cookie.
You can hide the softkeys on the right texts (the Command button area), press Ctrl + T. By doing so you get more screen space. You can view hide text by pressing Ctrl + T.
Links in the selection, press tabulator is fast and easy to select a link, press the Enter button. Use the arrow keys you can scroll through the pages quickly and easily.
If you have the opportunity to use the wireless LAN (WLAN), you'll want to use it, because it is faster than the (E) GPRS connection. For more information about wireless local area network provided by your operator.Price of the service
How much does it cost to use internet banking?
The network of the Bank for the necessary bank identifiers will be charged a monthly service fee. In addition, some of the online banking through the use of services / events will be charged a separate fee. The user pays the operator for the Internet connection time

Online banking - Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get a username?Find your username pankkitunnussopimuksestasi. The user ID can be in the form of 4 letters + 4 digits or 6-8 digits.
If you have lost your username, you get a new identity by checking the nearest S-Bank's customer service desk.
Where can I get a password?The first time you log on password is your date of birth ddmmyy format (DD means day, month means the month and year YY last two digits). For example, if your date of birth is 01/18/1968, your password is 180168.
The first logged in the system will ask you to change your password made up by a password.
Do I need to remember the password?Yes, learn the password from the outside. Do not store the access codes each one carefully and independently of one another so that they do not come any outside information. Change your password online banking at regular intervals.
What if I want to change your password?Word of the word change is easy online bank (Settings -> Change Password).
What do I do if I forget my password?The new password you ordered the S-Bank's Customer Service, tel 010 76 5800 Mon-Fri from 8 to 20 Price of the call. "Ordering by telephone password authentication requires a user ID and variable ID's.
The new password you can visit the state of the S-Bank's customer service point, then be prepared to prove your identity. A new one-time password will mail you straight home. This password is the first time you log on to change their own self-invented one password.
I put my password wrong and now I can not login to an online bank, what should I do?If you put the wrong password 5 times, it is password locked. The new password you ordered the S-Bank's Customer Service, tel 010 76 5800 Mon-Fri 8-20. Price of the call. "
Ordering by telephone password authentication requires a user ID and variable ID's.
The new password you can visit the state of the S-Bank's office, then be prepared to prove your identity. A new one-time password will mail you straight home. This password should be the first kirjautuskerralla change as a separate, self-invented one password.
What do I do when I lost my access codes?If the codes are lost or stolen or you suspect to have been of bank into the wrong hands, without delay, to prevent the use of bank of bank call blocking service, which is open 24 hours / day: Calling from Finland (09) 6964 6820, when calling from abroad +358 9 6964 6820. Or call the S-Bank's Customer Service, tel 010 76 5800 Mon-Fri from 8 to 20 Price of the call. "
After this, you can not use anymore the old bank accounts. New codes for verifying the identity of S-Bank customer or single points of contact. BICs for renewal will be charged a service price list.
How do I get a new code table feature?The new code table will automatically be sent by mail to your home address before the figures are almost gone. E-notify, when the old code table has been exhausted and the next figure is given a new table, or you can take a new code table, instant access to online banking (Settings -> Performance table replacement).
How do I use the code table?Key Figures asked in random order. Whenever a one-time key figure asked, we will recognize the location of the corresponding chapters. For example, if you ask e "Enter the PIN code section B 10 ', select the key figure in column B, row 10
What services does the S-Bank offers to businesses?
S-Bank's services are primarily aimed at the cooperative's customer-owners.
Businesses S-Bank offers the following products and services:Business Card Management
S Group's business card is accepted at all of the S Group in Finland, Estonia and Latvia in the chain sites. You can also select the fuel card, which you pay only fuels the ABC stations.
More information about Business Card Manage-card »S-Bank's recognition service
S-Bank's identification service based on the Federation Tupas standard, and offers service providers a reliable method of identification, where the S-Bank to identify the person on the service provider.
For more information about detection service »S-Bank's online payment
S-Bank's online payment, you can reach over 850 000 potential customers. S-Bank will check the customer's margin account before you pay, so the net charge does not involve the use of credit risk.S-Bank's online payment
Online Payment is a means of payment online trading taking place.The service allows customers to pay for your purchases made on the website of S-Bank's banking credentials. Payment details are transferred immediately to your company network and does not charge, so no credit risk.
Your company does not need to open a separate account for the S-Bank online payment services for, but you can use another bank's existing account with your customers online shopping vastatilinä.
Network payment request function is automatically S-Bank's Online Payment Service Agreement without bidding. The query can be in doubt, make sure that the customer's payment of a fee has been approved and paid.
Payment Network requires your company and the S-Bank's agreement as well as a secure SSL implemented retail properties. For further information, technical manuals, and test codes use of the service are the S-Bank Payment Network in the service description.

Are you interested in the S-Bank's online payment?
Contact: e-palvelut@sok.fiAfter the conclusion of service we deliver the necessary codes.S-Bank's Online Payment Terms and Conditions (PDF 35 kb) »S-Bank's online payment service description (PDF 50 KB) »

Technical Support and Customer Service
If the network you are experiencing payment problems, first check the data recorded on the form. If the problem persists, send the form input data and problem description to
Other customer service issues, you can contact us at
In the online store for the S-Bank's key
You can download below the buttons on the right mouse button and select the command "Save Picture As" / "Save Image As".
Pressing the dimensions, color, or shape does not change. Button images not be used for any purpose other than what the service provider and the S-Bank's agreement has been agreed. Detailed instructions for use of the button are in the service description.