The application of electronic business in our country is becoming more pronounced. Perhaps the small market is a limiting factor for implementation of e-business solutions in Macedonia but it is the application of information and telecommunications technologies, especially Internet, to allow and facilitate access of Macedonian companies and entrepreneurs to the world's developed markets like the U.S. and the European Union.
The purpose of this section is Macedonian companies in the form of news to present and present its e-business operations. Positive examples should serve as encouragement and motivation for further development of this area in Macedonia.

For these reasons we urge companies apply e-business solutions and prescriptivism individuals have their profit-oriented web projects to register and participate in enrichment of the contents of e-Bionics.net.

5 local website - DestinationsBuying products has never been simpler!E-service supermarket with online sales in Skopje, currently has 7000 products and the numbers are increasing. The first step when you visit a web site starts with selecting the products. By selecting the product you want to buy it're adding to Cart. The service works 24 / 7 which means no restrictions such as holiday or break (or rush to the cash register). When should you do in a bigger market than the supermarket in Skopje probably need to go there by car so you can pick up all those bags that will charge, but it pulls spent fuel, time and hassle unless it is not your supermarket the opposite. Servisor has a range of "SP Market" and hopefully that will soon become operational throughout Macedonia.
Macedonian Electronic Fair
- Www.mekexpo.com.mk
Macedonian Trade plaforna internet promotion services, products, services and related professional and business activities of our domestic companies. Quality set-based industries as the Internet story is not so well known among Internet users, especially business, but I believe that soon will change. Besides a categorization of Industrial branches portal offers the latest products promotion and latest company had just reported in the database MakEkspo. Registration of the company are offered in several packages: Basic package, standard package and VIB package. If you just want to register your company portal then registration is free.
Internet portal for parents and children
- Www.ringeraja.mk
Macedonian internet center where parents in Macedonia can digitally receive information about their children's care and advice from doctors. Ringeraja offers information on health tips for nature as pregnancy, proper nutrition, stem cells and articles of a similar nature. An important point of the site is the forum where parents have the space to inskontaktiraat and exchange information about parenting, baby, child and married life. Unlimited topics of conversation, exchange of experience, consulting with each other, advice from doctors and a very large space for information and communication.
Information about events in the Formula 1 sport
- Www.f1almanah.com
An interesting concept for the target group of home fans as the most expensive sport in the world. Information on any developments in the FIA ​​world and other segments covering this sport. The category contains video excerpts from the video of racing events around the world, including Macedonia. The forum has a lot of browsing materials, exchange of information and entertainment. In addition to formula one has information on events in motor racing and rally ovtomobilizmot.
Isparkiraj through interner-


JP Nextsense city parking and curled the project provides improvement of parking conditions in downtown Skopje. ParkNow offers introduction to the use of the service SMS for parking and a simple instruction video that will easily insert into your daily functioning in Skopje fuss. Besides you can get information on how to pay the expense of cell phone scratches card by registering on the website is provided for registered users paying by credit card, standing order and online credit card. This will further zaineresira business users of such service for which the hand is made. However as the project is good to mention this internet service in order to trigger similar actions in other guards in Macedonia

E-consumer in MacedoniaInternet in the 21st century is part of the life of every person. Today is rarely seen someone who you can imagine my life without the Internet, and strongly supported the fact that society itself tends toward digitalization of all processes.

By the time the first computers appeared they were only available for a particular group of people that included experts or specialists active in a particular area, but due to the development of information technology and the emergence of the Internet have become available to the general mass of people. Global use of the Internet daily. Daily there are approximately 1 billion Internet users in Macedonia and 27% of the population uses the Internet.
E-consumers are those people who are at a higher level of education, who have higher incomes and generally use the Internet and modern technologies. E-consumers can connect from home or from various online centers that offer such opportunities. Through the connection they have access to various opportunities and offer the Internet. Prior to the Internet users themselves connect to seek information for personal and other purposes. The Internet provides access to a myriad of information from any location in the world and access 24 hours a day. Another reason to use is communication. Communication via the Internet significantly reduces costs and faster delivery of the message and correspondence. A significant number of people connected to the Internet and to educate without any weather and other obstacles.
Besides these services are growing more and purchase online. In Europe 48% of large companies buy over the Internet. In Macedonia there is a relatively small number of e-business (e-shops) primarily due to the impossibility of paying online by credit card companies and home to such mistrust way of trading.
Najkupuvani items that are purchased over the Internet globally, vacation packages-60%, airline tickets, books and CDs and more.
The main reasons people are looking at e-commerce and thus become e-consumers, mainly a large selection of products that offer internet, lower costs, lack of intermediaries, the ability to buy any time of day or night, accessibility 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.
E-consumers use the Internet before and after their purchase, ie find information about the product you want to buy or to contact the company after he bought the product, service or information