Business Card

Business Card Management

Business Card Management is the S-Group's own credit card companies and entrepreneurs, municipalities and state institutions. The card is accepted in all the S Group's chain of domestic offices. At the same time concentrate your shopping convenience of working with familiar and reliable, the S Group's domestic offices.
Business Card Management Card user, you receive many valuable benefits.
     For reduction of the fuel from the ABC stations. When paying with Business Card Managella you will automatically receive a discount fuel from 2.5 cents / liter.
     Stay at a special rate Finland and Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu hotels. For the then-current price of the accommodation in a reduction of EUR 9.
     You will receive an interest payment of an average of 45 days.
     You can choose from is also a fuel card, which is intended only for fuel purchase ABC stations across the country.

     One credit account - multiple cards. The company was granted a credit account, which can be attached to each user's card. The company's name on the card can be ordered to use more than one person.

     For joint invoice once a month. The decrease includes a breakdown of the card with the purchase transaction is the date of purchase, point of purchase and the purchase of the net amount.