electronic business

What is an electronic business? Could simply defined as "the pursuit of business with the help of computers and the Internet." Does this sentence sufficiently explains the essence of electronic business? What is the difference between e-business and e-commerce? What is the significance of the Internet for electronic business and whether it is the only platform through which electronic transactions take place? What are the most significant e-business applications? How to promote your business online?
The answer to these and many other questions will find in this section!
In the full globalization of the economy, e-business and e-commerce will become one of the necessary components in creating a business strategy of the companies but also represent a strong catalyst in the economic development. The electronic business (e-business) may be said to constitute a powerful tool for economic growth of countries in development. While in Macedonia, the potential of e-business still underutilized. With the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in business can say that he raised to a higher level relationships both inside the organization, and between different organizations and relations with customers. The use of ICT in business will dopridonese increasing productivity, then you are encouraging greater participation of customers and reduce operational costs.

The possibilities offered by the Internet, combined with proper strategy and give a chance for small and medium enterprises can not compete with the big and powerful financial businesses. E-commerce allows better business and small and medium enterprises but also sustainable economic growth in these countries. While large companies have to introduce digitization of business processes in order to be able to survive in the global market, while small and medium enterprises are the ones that need to adopt new trends. It is important to note that there are at least five ways in which Internet and E-commerce help enterprises in developing countries and thus the overall economy. The five ways that help companies in countries that are developing are:
* Allows access of small enterprises on the world market;* Allows entry of firms into global supply chains;* Helps service companies can operate efficiently and be able to provide services to global customers;* Allows marketing of agricultural products in countries that are developing* Helps you promotion and development of tourism in the countries that are developing globally.
It is important to say that e-business, especially in countries that are developing, growing, and with large annual rates. For companies in countries that are developing, it is important that participate in e-commerce, both as buyers and as sellers, but this is only part of their potentials.