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Advertising in ezines - what to do to not throw good money after bad

Advertising in ezines - what to do to not throw good money after bad
If you do e-commerce, and you have a new site, you are creating a new product or you're just looking for better ways to promote products and increase sales, many will recommend you to pay attention to advertising in other people's lists as one of the most effective ways. Is this true? Or is it the single most effective way to pull you out of your money?
How effective is advertising in other people's lists and what to do to increase the money spent turned into sales? Let's look at this issue in more detail.
What is advertising in ezines? That garbage that day catches out of your mailbox spam filter - also advertising on the mailing list? No. The word "advertising in ezines," I mean the only advertising in special issues of service smartresponder, subscribe,, and others, in which readers subscribe. Specifically, visitors to subscribe to the site some necessary and useful for their information. Getting the next release, the letter will contain an article on the topic of their interest, and a small dedicated units by mail, usually advertise.

Mass mailings as a method of moving goods I will not be considered. I assume that given the number of sent spam emails a robot who still do them and open, but 99.99% of the readers of the letter thrown in the trash, as well as debris that every day they are in their off-mailboxes.

  In this regard, the number one recommendation for the promotion of your goods on the Internet: Never use sentences spammer to increase sales. You just ruined his reputation. Where, then advertise your products?
As I said earlier, there are special mailing services, such as smartresponder, subscribe, etc. Many major sites are sending in their own engines. Advertise your product in such lists can be very, very effective, but may result in loss of money invested. How to get the maximum return on investment and to increase sales or increase traffic to your site, depending on what the purpose of your advertising campaign?

1. Visit the catalog mailing services, and define the distribution of most large number of subscribers. Ideally, the more subscribers to the service, the better. But in any case, I recommend you pay attention to the distribution with the number of subscribers in the tens of thousands of people. Mailing lists with two-three hundred visitors did not give you. Why? Depending on several factors, such as the reputation of the site in the network, topic list etc. sending letters to discover, not all readers, even if the delivery is very interesting and necessary. Benchmarks, which will open the newsletter for about 30% of subscribers. Why do other subscribers do not open newsletter? Perhaps they are not "caught" the subject, and if it's just a newsletter, a person can not currently be the mood to read news, do not have the time, etc. So, of these 30% have a certain percentage of subscribers clicked on your ad in the newsletter.

  2. Considering this factor, you must follow the rule: place the advertisement in the newsletter only if it is on the subject is similar to the theme of your advertising. Otherwise, instead of moving goods you will get a little impressive. Do not get fooled by the number of subscribers to 300 000 people or more. For example, you are promoting your book on the subject of weight loss. You have chosen two mailing ads. One belongs to the distribution of major news portal, a newsletter published news site, the number of subscribers - 350 000. Another dispatch - delivery site about healthy lifestyles, in which there is a special section for those wishing to lose weight. In the newsletter published announcements of the latest articles in this column. The number of subscribers - 15 000. Account the question: what will soon dispatch you increase sales of your book? A: The thematic distribution of attendance by 15 000 people. Why?

  The fact is that in the second case you are not trying to sell everything and everyone, and turn to the target audience that is looking for what you offer. In the case of the first pitch you do not know to whom you refer in general. It is likely that your subject is interested in only a very small percentage of subscribers, if not interested in anyone. Therefore, the response in this case, you will get much smaller. Taking into account those visitors who just clicked on your ad out of curiosity, "exhaust" get even smaller. Always remember your goal - to increase sales. The probability that the visitor will become your target customer is much higher than in the case of simple curiosity.
What else should I consider when placing the advertisement in the newsletter? What else is important in promoting a product? Of course, the place to advertise. Frequently for advertising shall be on the release of blocks and a release, as well as the opportunity to book advertising article itself in the release. The last option is ideal, he is certainly recommended, but is rather expensive, so if your budget is limited, it is best to choose the upper block, ie the text of the release. Save more power and would not recommend taking a release is also not recommended. The fact is that if the issue is long, then the probability that the reader will see your ad unit is very high. He can close the issue, click on the links and go to other sites, etc. Especially because the price difference between the upper and lower block is not too large. You can also consider the side blocks, if they are offered, but not beyond the first screen of the monitor.
I recommend that when promoting a product and placement of advertisements to be sent to draw attention to a target audience of advertising, especially when the cost per placement accounted for 40 USD and above. Someone publish statistics on the site, someone should ask her. Why? For example, if the main buyers of your product - a woman, but newsletter read, mostly men, the desired effect you get. Same with the age group, etc.
The indisputable advantage of advertising in the newsletter will also be the case if you can place text in html-format. So it will look more attractive. Of course, after you send your ad in the agreement, the editor will check the mailing list for errors and compliance with the law on advertising, but editors often try to link the ad portal with the overall design of distribution and therefore in some cases, your ad can be formatted so that it clickability fall. For example, it will make a plain text (as you would like any words in bold), format to the left instead of centering will be removed from the title of capital letters, etc. At first glance - little things, but not quite. I recommend that you pre-acquainted with examples of other advertisements in this newsletter. If you feel that your ad will appear in this format and the owner of the unpresentable mailing flatly refuse to go to meet you, look for another newsletter.

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