Thursday, January 5, 2012

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing in the Russian segment of the Internet phenomenon quite new. However, the social networks themselves become part of our life is not so long ago. With these online tools can recover the lost connection, to find old friends and chat with friends who live thousands of miles away.
But those who have successfully engaged in internet marketing, have recognized that social networks are created for communion, which means that it can be not only friendly, but also business communication. And more and more Internet entrepreneurs give preference to this form of communication.
 What are the benefits of marketing in social networks? First of all, it is possible to form around your project a large number of permanent audience. Second, it is an opportunity to draw attention to his project at the same time hundreds and even thousands of people. These two conditions are more likely to be successful promoting your products and services.
 This type of internet marketing today quickly and firmly part of the arsenal of tools for online business, so you can quite confidently conclude that even after a couple of years, Internet businessman who ignores marketing in social networks, will look as well as person trying to sell a typewriter users of personal computers.
 Unfortunately for such an entrepreneur, his more fortunate colleagues in business and competitor against the current will not go. They understand something as important to be able to change in accordance with the preferences of the market.
 That draws your attention now the most successful Internet entrepreneurs?


Despite the diversity of social networking attention paid to the tweeter. Twitter - a fairly new project and it is now more and more interest. It was established in 2006, it is not so long ago, and at first he won sverhskorostyah foreign market segment, and then rapidly began to win the Russian market. Giant potential lies precisely in the growth of Twitter.
 That is why the attention of Internet entrepreneurs coming up with the times, it was riveted to this project. And of course, ahead of all was one of the most successful Internet business Belgian Dirk Dupont. He not only mastered the tweeter. as a tool to increase profits, but also wrote a book about how to make a profit, using the communication on Twitter. The book "tweet-model: Internet Marketing Technology on Twitter for netehnarey" with the consent of the author was transferred to me for Russian-speaking readers.
 Dirk du Pont started his business as well as many Internet entrepreneurs - its site and the projects were very small. Today is not only one of the most popular online business, but also the inspirer of many successful followers, including in runet.

  Being quite similar to the usual social networking, marketing in social networks in general and marketing in Twitter in particular, have significant differences from simple companionship. Dirk du Pont in his book "tweet-model: Internet Marketing Technology on Twitter for netehnarey" reveals all the secrets on how to build up a dialogue and make money on Twitter.
 From this book you will learn almost everything: what Twitter is the best way to register that you can do and what to do in general is not worth what Twitter offers services and how to actually make money.
 In short, as in many other aspects of the business, it can be easy if you know - how. I suggest you verify this by reading the book Dirk Dupont.
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