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How to open an online store and get rid of the fear of job loss

How to open an online store and get rid of the fear of job loss

I once worked as a specialist on staff and I remember the situation the situation on the labor market and the so-called shortage of personnel in the capital. It would seem that it will continue forever. But six months later because of the economic crisis has changed dramatically. The labor market is the market into a market competitor of the employer.

For the people that turned out, mostly large-scale cuts and job losses, lower wages, reductions in benefits package and an increase in workload in return. The amount of work was distributed among the remaining employees, and revenue due to reduced bonus and benefits package of it was impossible to compare the pre-crisis.
 Laid-off workers has become much harder to find work, and many of those who still remained steadfastly sat down to fear of being left without a job.
 Some companies have started to have problems with motivation of people. Not only is the load increased and decreased wages, so more and a little gratitude from the employer (say, thank you not to fire!).
 In 2010, the labor market situation has changed for the better, but not much. The market is in a situation of stagnation. Although very hopefully, things will get better quickly, it is impossible to guarantee.
 At first glance, a rather sad. But if we recall the history of our country during the '90s, then people were much more difficult - the salary paid a small, often delayed, and many businesses were closed altogether. A distinctive feature of that time was "split" of people into two groups. Some prefer to whine and deplore the departed last forever, while others learn to live in new circumstances. Some have started their business.
  A little more than a decade, many useless if staff are now owners of their business, are also very profitable. Now, with that level of economic "settling" has not reached and a fraction of what it was 10-15 years ago, has become a lot more opportunities. As technology has become easier to raise the professional level and improve. And of course, time for a change - it's always a good excuse to start something new, learn new skills and change their lives for the better. One such option is your business. If the experience of doing business while a small and do not want to risk large investments (often they simply do not), it will be a great option to start a business on the Internet.And if you dream about your business, which is your favorite thing for a long time, then the best option would be to create an online store. The size of investments online store is less expensive than a regular store. And if you will sell electronic goods, then the costs will be even smaller. Mainly due to the fact that electronic products tend to sell a lot of time and the amount is exhausted, that is, unlike physical goods, investments in electronic goods are made at once.
How to open an online store, you will learn from my new book.
 Pursuing a business, you'll make their own decisions, working for yourself, you no longer need to fear that you will be fired. All of your achievements and efforts will be appreciated. Catching up on things you love and focusing on results, you make every moment meaningful your work day.

"Dumping in online store - destroy yourself gently"
Due to the increasing number of sellers in the market for goods and services entrepreneurs met with concepts such as dumping. What is it? The word "dumping" is derived from the English word dumping, which means selling goods at artificially low prices in order to displace competitors. It often happens that the goods are sold not just at low prices, but also a lower cost. Traditionally, the method of dumping is considered unfair competition.
 If you have a commercial website or online store, the issue of sustainable competitive advantage, most likely, is for you to one of the most important. How to make the products bought no where else but from you? In the highly competitive Internet market can often be tempted to reduce the price of their products in hopes to increase sales.
 Usually dumped in the online store, and unfair competition are the problem is start-ups that can do this simply out of ignorance. Unfortunately, this approach is mistaken, since dumping the online store brings many challenges as the owner of an online store, as well as not enough, the buyer. Let's see why.
 In reality, rarely happens that a price reduction stopped at what a reasonable level. Imagine that you decided to significantly reduce the price to buy goods from you. What happens next? Within a few days, probably it will work, and you sell a little more. But then one of your competitors would certainly do the same. What's left to do to you? Yes, you will have to cut the price again. Thus you yourself drive in squirrel-cage, out of which it is very difficult.
 In essence, dumping is an online store only afford a very large market players (whom is not a private Internet Entrepreneur), which range in the tens of thousands of items. Only they can within the framework of a campaign to sell a couple dozen items below cost. It's practically no effect on their profits. And if you have a small business, and an online store only a couple of dozen names, then dumping a serious blow to your income.
 I once saw a "businessman" selling high-quality information product for ... $ 1. However, his site is not a mega-monster with an audience of thousands. In my head I immediately clicked the numbers. I started to figure out how much to sell your products to reach more or less decent level of income. I absolutely would not be surprised if the entrepreneur has already closed its business.
 If you apply the methods of unfair competition, you will get a pretty bad reputation in the network. Over time with you at all, few Internet entrepreneurs will want to deal with.
 In addition, you risk losing much and respect your customers, too. This is for several reasons. Firstly, to assess the true quality product almost impossible if not for him the real price paid. At first glance, it's hard to believe. But think how much interest you are left with the knowledge of free books? This is often not more than 10%. I think the employer can and should have a range of free books, they will certainly enjoy and to help readers. But remember that in most cases, free book to read literally on the diagonal and its main material is not digested. The same thing happens when the buyer purchased the book for a dollar.
 But if a book is purchased at its fair value, the situation changes. The buyer will read it from cover to cover. He paid for this book a good price, and this means that the book should it work out!
 Speaking of real value, I do not mean an inflated price of the product, and justified in a particular market price.
 Secondly, if you use methods of unfair competition, then over time the customer still doubt your professionalism. Consciously or not, but in your head then suddenly the thought that if people do not respect themselves so that their goods are sold at a loss, it is unlikely that he is a professional. It is unlikely that he can teach someone to lead a successful business. And many more unlikely.
 Do not rush to say that price competition - the only way to establish itself in the market. Because in addition to price competition, there is also non-price. Too many entrepreneurs underestimate the role of non-price competition. That's why they have to retain customers and increasingly low prices. According to statistics, in the traditional business in the first year rose about 90% of enterprises, and another 90% are closed in the next 5 years. In Internet commerce is even higher due to the fact that the threshold for entry into the online business is much lower than in the offline business.
 What should pay attention to the owner of a commercial website or online store? In the first place on the additional benefits that make your company out of hundreds of others. Firstly, it is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Secondly, the correct interaction with your clients, because that's what your customers in the future will determine whether your business is live or not.
 If you will not regret the time and effort to work with clients, and developing a unique selling proposition (USP), you will have a distinct advantage over its competitors: the clients will love your store and will come to you over and over again, would you recommend to your friends . You will be able to sell his commodity at its real value. Of course, to make your shop special for one night does not work, this must be learned, to test new methods. But as you know, the road by walking. In turn, I want to offer you two books, most recently appeared in our store, and that you will no doubt help. This book Yeo Feng's "How to ensure that customers love your business," and Burton's book Clement "Power Unique selling proposition." Book about USP I give as a gift when you buy the book Yeo Feng. Read this book very helpful and take the first step in the direction of your prosperity! I wish you success.

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