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market of freelancing

What specialties are in demand in the market of freelancing?

  Very much in demand programmers, creators of websites and web designers. You can also try their hand in this area, if you are working in related fields. For example, if you know Adobe Photoshop or other advanced graphics programs to gain additional knowledge, you can become a successful web designer.
Also in demand professionals in the translation of texts (not for nothing that taught foreign language in the institute), photographers, accountants, consultants in various fields, as well as experts in the field of writing text advertising content (copywriters). Recently, copywriting has greatly expanded its scope and copywriters write not only advertising texts, but also materials for websites. More information about the freelance professions and the intricacies of the case can be found at specialized sites, such as
 Among the Russian sites occupy high positions, such as:
Marketplace for the sale of articles:
Among the most interesting foreign:
The advantage for the freelancer is primarily what you are - is his own man. You do not need to get up at 6am to catch the work before the city paralyzed traffic jams. You will not spoil the mood of angry citizens, forced to ride in rush hour on public transport even though they have temperature and pouring from his nose. You get up when you want, work when you want and do not work when you do not want. You are your own boss, choose the orders themselves, and if you do something not to your liking, you can order and take, and you do not get fired for it. If you wish, you can work and at home, and, for example, in the cafe. Or in the country. Or on the beach with white sand. Do you at times will decrease stress levels.
 But the freelance work is also significant drawbacks. Because of them many, many people opt for other activities. Freelancer - it does not even work, it's state of mind, as some say.
So what are the disadvantages? First, if the office has at least some sense of stability and security, here you will quickly forget about it. Freelancer state often seems to free fall, not fly. Long, long time, you may not have any orders.
If you do not bother to create portfolios, and communicate with you, nobody will. Until you earn yourself a good portfolio, master of the situation will be far from you. And on freelance sites, and articles available on the exchange system of ratings for which the customer chooses, and often the artist. The ratings of these brings ever by a qualitative execution of orders.
 In online also have to strictly observe the deadlines set by the order. Promise to fulfill your order and will break time - will get negative feedback, if not not make any money.
As long as you do not have customers, you'll be glad to virtually any request and will be taken as for what you like and for what does not particularly enjoy, but it brings at least some money.
 For starters, freelancers say that to break the vicious circle can be custom-rating. Moreover, the rating system sometimes fails.
In short, if a freelancer is good and interesting writing, does not make mistakes and not afraid of difficulties, sooner or later articles will be sold and he will earn not only money but also the rating.
If your employer is in the office worried about how to pay taxes on your paycheck, then becoming a freelancer, you will have to pay taxes on their own. In each country, its tax legislation, so I will not dwell on this subject, and would advise that you consult with your attorney. Remember, however, activity on the Internet - is the same as any other activity, the income on the Internet are taxable. In many cases frilanserskaya activities require legal clearance, which is why I advise you to talk to a lawyer before you begin this activity.
The next drawback - is also very important. If the office of the employer in some way concerned about your self or time management, the freelancer must do it yourself. Over you no one is, but you imagine you can not, as is sometimes difficult to organize themselves by.
 Your self-discipline should be just the iron. Otherwise, you will not have time to blink as you do in your pajamas and unshaven (unkempt), instead of sitting (lying) in front of the TV and watch the next episode, eating delicious muffin with jam and tea drinking (beer). You will begin to pluck time to do the job badly and permanently damage his reputation. By the way, this is why many do not choose a career freelancer.
Another problem - the instability of earnings. It is also a determining factor for the novice freelancer. If the office you know that the 10 numbers you will receive an advance, and the 25th - the salary, then a freelancer for a long time can not be any orders and earnings, respectively. There may be periods of very active orders, and then comes the silence. About any planning costs, and can not speak.
 Do not leave with pay a freelancer. That is on vacation leave must, if you do not want to leave the hospital one day, but you leave no one will pay. The hospital you too, no one will. About his future pension at all you have to think for themselves. And no health insurance. If the employer pays for the office access to the Internet, now it should be done independently, as well as pay for electricity, supplies and telephone.
Freelancing for Russian exchanges also have an economic crisis. Does not appeal to slogans such as "fired from his job - earn millions and become a freelancer." As soon as a Russian freelance sites appear more or less decent sentence on him like piranhas snatch performers. One order comes very often the order of 40 proposals. Many people can not stand the nerves, especially if it is - an aspiring freelancer with low ratings. So many start dumping, that is, to offer their services for nothing, at prices well below market prices, if not free, for a good review.
 Dumping - a great evil for freelancers, as Employers often are conducted in cheaper services, though much as losing, and sometimes they send work predelku. Dumping occurs everywhere: in shops, as well as in freelance. Dumping devalues ​​the work of a freelancer, make competition tougher, and sometimes some customers on this basis and does begin to dig.
Dumping - this is a great temptation, but it is something that will tighten the noose on all your frilanserskoy neck. If you start dumping, you no longer respect the customers, since you so little value your work and yourself, you zaklyuyut freelancers. All. You can pack your things and go back to the office. Exit? Look for early secondary rates, they are in each specific market. If you are a beginner, get to the bottom edge when the "grow up", you ask for more.
Just as in the office, pay a freelancer - not endless. I freelance in days no more hours than anyone else. The exception to this rule are the stars of consultants (foreign), their ticket to the seminar often costs between $ 1,000 and much higher. Become such consultants forces to man, but it will not happen for a year or two, and often not even in ten years.
In the life of every or nearly every freelancer, there are times when they just "threw". That is the work you have done, and the customer it "forgot" to pay. On this account on freelance sites mentioned quite a lot. If you decide to become a freelancer - urge you to review these materials.
And finally, the freelance sites - one way to search orders, but not the only one (you can, for example, to search for remote operation and, and other places). Like any field of activity, this also requires training and self-education. So your task - to study the sources on the Internet, learning the art.
And of course, now you have realized that his legs are fed a freelancer. This is the same self-employment, only on the Internet. That is, the beach, you certainly can be. Once you're there not manicured nail will check how much money do you account for it, and probably work 8 hours a day and more

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