Thursday, January 5, 2012

Earning online

How to start earning online

To date, the most affordable option is to earn income on the internet with your own site. Create a site to earn money on the Internet - is a real opportunity to start a business online.

Where you should not start earning online? From reading books and articles about how terribly difficult to create a website, how much knowledge and money required to do so. Of course, for a serious business you need to create a serious professional website, but in order to begin the process of earning on the site, it is not the most important condition. Imagine that because of your experience in a small project "will not go." It will be sad to say goodbye to a few hundred dollars, thrown to the wind.
What you need to do to earn money online? The first thing to do - decide on the topic of interest. If you have not yet decided on the theme of your site, you can do some research and interview their friends and what topics they are most useful. But the best way would be to choose a theme that not only will be in demand from the audience, but you yourself will be interesting. Believe me, you will very quickly lose the motivation to develop the site, if a subject you do not close and do not like, and make using the site can not.

  Then buy hosting and register the domain. The choice of hosting - a procedure for earnings in the Internet is very responsible. I encourage you to immediately opt for a paid hosting. There are many reasons to want to save money, but there are also many reasons why it should not do. Free hosting sites are great for personal use, for example, do you think that have a page on the Internet is now fashionable. Thus, for a long time I did an informal page of our collective and planned coverage of our modest corporate events. Business free hosting is unlikely to be perceived Internet users seriously. There are also some technical issues, for example, the domain name that includes the name of free hosting, free advertising on someone else's show of your page, the possibility of closing your web site hosting company, etc.

  When you purchase a paid hosting great attention should be paid to its quality. Because of poor communications and overload servers hosting your visitors will not be able to periodically get to your site. Do you think some of them will click a button "reset" for 10-20 minutes, and wait until, finally, your website will start? I doubt it. Your visitors are likely to go away and never come back, and your earnings on the site will never happen. Therefore, we choose a hosting provider carefully.

  The domain is the unique name of your resource and consists of the name and extension ru, com, net, biz and so on. If you plan to create a site for the Russian audience, you should look for a domain name is in the zone ru. The problem that you are likely to encounter is that all the "beautiful" and legkozapominayuschiesya domain names in the zone ru will be already taken. We'll have to show imagination.

To develop the basics of creating the site, I recommend you read my book, "Where do I Own Affairs Html? How to create a website or humanities in his spare time, "which is available for free download on my website. The book is about how to create a website, was written primarily for those readers who are not familiar with web technologies, and does not know html, but really wants to build a website.
I have not knowingly included in the name of the concept to create a website "in his spare time." The fact that your first website I created this in my spare time. It can make you do.

By creating a website, it is necessary to place content on it or, more simply, readings by visitors and interesting articles. Orient you first need to ensure that your site was interesting to users. It is this above all to keep in mind when creating the site. The site, created just for advertising or search engine robots, the success can not expect.

  Earnings on the site, as well as any commercial or business activities require registration business. However, if you are unsure of the future success of the project, you can create a site and make it a non-profit. In parallel, mastering the basics of website optimization and promotion of its quality. As the number of interesting materials, and, correspondingly, the number of visitors, you will be thinking about registering a business and earnings from advertising. If you plan to create a commercial site and engaged in selling infoproduktov or other goods and services will need to register a business from scratch.
Target visitors and monetization website
What is the basic element for any earnings on the site? Target visitors or targeted traffic. If your site is not targeted visitors, there will be no salary. Conversely, the more targeted visitors coming to your site, the more your earnings.

  Why do I say "targeted visitors" not just "visitors"? Because in order to earn your site, you need visitors who are interested in your site, articles, products, services, etc. You can order the service to attract visitors by Clicking banners, for example. It may well be that to you in the coming 3000 visitors per day, but it may very well be that those 3000 visitors will go from the first page, let alone anything well buy it. Why? Yes, because they click on banners mechanically, also for a living (albeit very small). Clicked on the site and the site got shut down. They do not care deeply that you are there it is broadcast.

  There are several ways to attract targeted traffic to your site.
Very effective is contextual advertising. User searches for the information he needs in the search engine and see your ad. If the ads are correct, then it is very likely that the target visitors will visit your site.
Basic services, where you can give contextual advertising to attract targeted traffic: / intl / ru / ads /

  So, after the site began to receive targeted visitors, you can begin to monetize the site, namely, making a profit from your own site.
  Of the various ways to monetize the site will highlight a few:

Placing contextual advertising on your site. He works on the principle of PPC (pay per click) or pay per click. The user clicks on the ads, you get it for a small fee. To begin to participate in the program, you can use the above described advertising platforms.

And yet, your site should have some traffic to make money on contextual advertising. If the site is visited by 10 people a day, about this kind of income while out of the question.

Advertise on direct advertisers. Once your site will be visited, you will be able to monetize the site and in this way.

Affiliate programs. The second way to monetize the site is to participate in affiliate programs. After registration in the affiliate program you are given a unique affiliate link. You place a link on the site for the product or website. Posted link must include your unique affiliate ID. The buyer, who came on the link that gets the goods or service, and you get a commission.

Finally, in order to make your site started, you need to create it. If you do not have a website, I would suggest you read my book, "Where I Own Affairs Html - or how to create a humanities site in his free time." With my book, a website can absolutely anyone. Do not believe me? Try it! Download the book here.

I wish you success!

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