Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forum as a way of earning money on the Internet

Forum as a way of earning money on the Internet
To date, there are many ways to make money on the Internet. Many of these methods really work and benefit those who use them, a lot of money. This article is discussed in detail another relatively new way to earn money online - make money by selling space for the signature on the forum for advertising. For clarity, let's look at each step.

Step 1. Register on the forum.

If you have a running account on one of the most popular forums, you can skip this step. If this is not available, read on. To get started go to the search, I recommend you use the search engine Yandex and Google. In the search include your phrase "popular forums." Looking for forum, and view statistics of visits per day. If the figure is more than 2,000 people, feel free to register. After registering, I recommend the maximum fill out your profile as well as add a cute avatar (picture). Congratulations, the first step to make money on the internet is over!
Step 2. Communicate, communicate, and communicate again!

I think everything is clear from the title. Now you need to communicate. E-mail, respond to favorite topics, give advice, recommendations, etc. But do not overdo it, write no more than 10 posts a day, otherwise you may get banned for cheat post count. After about a couple of weeks you have accumulated 100 messages, and your opinion will begin to listen to the forum. So you can safely move on to step three!
Step 3. Look for the advertiser.

In order to begin earning on the internet, on various exchanges of content you can find a publisher. For example, an advertiser can be found on the forum dedicated to earning online. I recommend to post messages on the forums about this content:

  "Buy a place in the signature on a popular forum for your advertising. The length of the advertising message should not exceed 300 characters. The text message may be specified with direct links, as well as a picture of your product. "
I recommend to put the cost for one advertising message is not greater than $ 0.35 per week. You may ask therefore so little? And because a signature can accommodate up to five advertising messages from various advertisers. And your ad will be in high demand.

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