Thursday, January 5, 2012

e-lectronic books

The reasons for the creation of free electronic books
You've probably heard that free e-books are a good tool for viral marketing, attracting visitors to your website. Viral Marketing - one of the ways to make your site known and visited. Here are some more reasons to create a free e-book.
1. E-book has a low manufacturing cost and time consuming for its publication. If you already have written articles of interest you topic, you can simply create one for free e-book.

  If you simply do not like to express your ideas on paper, you can use free e-books by other authors, allow to insert advertisements in their book. An example of such a book is my free e-book, "Where I Own Affairs Html How To Create a Website or humanities in their free time? You can download it here. The archive also contains the program book for branding and instructions on how to insert your ad.

  Give a free e-book for subscribers to your mailing list, put on your website or blog. Thus, visitors who have downloaded the book, will see your ad and go to your links. But do not forget that the material should be of interest to readers, or they simply remove the book and will not distribute it. Advertising is very important, but not just for the sake of her people downloaded the book. So do not ask them to books that contain only your sponsored links. Very unpleasant aftertaste left a free foreign book I once downloaded. All text, meaning and content of the folio was limited to what I had to go to a website. The amount of "electronic book" is equal to one page. The fate of this book is very, very predictable.

  2. Free e-book can cover quite a large audience. Remember the interesting content and the ability for your readers to insert their ads. Then your book will be distributed very quickly.
3. Even if you're selling physical goods online, and some commodity or group of products sold particularly well, you can send free e-book for buyers of this and other products that may be offered as a gift. In the book, you can still tell you about any product that is sold in your store. But do not make the book annoying ads. Otherwise, it will want to just throw it away. For example, you sell sporting goods and have sold well figure skates for adults. Write a free ebook about how to choose the right skates for children, on what features to pay attention to what is most important. Tell us about the need for helmets and knee pads, properly selected sportswear. And put in the book are small images of products, as well as your link to the page where you can buy

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