Thursday, January 5, 2012

The online business is different from using the Internet?

"The online business is different from using the Internet?"

Often, a novice Internet entrepreneur answer to this question is a challenge. And indeed - the Internet business activities include both online business and work on the Internet. However, these concepts are different.
 Just want to draw your attention to the fact that I talk about work in the Internet itself, and not employed in any company.

Work on the Internet - it's the same self-employment, only on the Internet. Work on the Internet - it's business activities in which you work for yourself, not for a specific employer. By using the Internet include all frilanserskuyu activity: writing articles, the work of translators, programmers, web designers, etc. Work on the Internet is directly related to your participation.
Business on the Internet - is that a specific point in time no longer require your direct involvement. For business on the Internet include your own online shop e-commerce, built in a certain way to earn partner program, earnings from online advertising, pay at the site of mediation, etc.
 What online business is different from using the Internet? The difference is small but very significant. While business on the Internet, like any other business, requires constant participation and development, the difference is that if, for example in a week or two you will not take it direct personal involvement (eg, leave for vacation), you do not lose income, your business will continue to generate cash flow. But if you go on vacation from work on the Internet, vacation leave and your income, that would mean that the cash flow generated in the absence of your stop.
 Doing business on the Internet, you do not necessarily do everything themselves. On the contrary, full-fledged business on the Internet in order to work on the Internet and different, not in the business you automate routine operations with a maximum possible, and builds all the way, what do you run a business, control and direct it, rather than directly working with. Working with you only when you want it yourself, and not because it is needed. The advantages of business before the job is a lot of flexibility in decision-making, as well as the ability to focus not on the technical side of business, and the strategic.
 And I recommend you pay attention on business on the Internet. Of course, initially it will be little different from the work: in order to generate business began to passive cash flow, you must first build it, and then develop it. Nevertheless, at a time of personal involvement in the business will fall significantly, while work will invariably require the involvement of your time.
 And again, in business, in order to develop it, you will not need to work more and more. You certainly can, but it would be a wrong approach to business. But the work does not leave you the choice: in order to increase your cash flow will increase the amount of time spent at work.
 Success can be achieved only when you are doing their work and implement their goals, rather than trying to achieve the goals imposed from outside: fashion, prestige, success and other factors friends who do not have to personally direct relation to you. And it's better to be a successful employee or a freelancer, than to do something, what you have is a soul and the qualities necessary to succeed in this you do not want to evolve

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