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Beginners internet business

Beginners internet business
Good you good health, dear me, a beginner! I say this without any sarcasm whatsoever, podnachivaniya or banter. I am very serious when I say that I respect everyone who decided to build your business on the Internet.

Of course, at this point, you can still be filled with various doubts, you can not get self-confidence and profitability in the Internet. You may think that is cheating, stories for suckers and the like, but this is only from lack of knowledge.

And knowledge, as is known, it is easy to acquire. Enough to read a textbook or a book, but more on that later. In the meantime, I want to say a few words to you ...

First, I want to explain why I respect those who decided to establish their business, no matter what particular business. It is important that a person decides to take responsibility for their financial future, and, consequently, for their entire lives for themselves.

Becoming a master of business, no longer will charge the employer that he pays little, and from all evils. Now only you will be responsible for their income. Worked well, then got a well-deserved reward. Shalturili - earned a penny, and even in less gone.

Business is a risk, whatever it was. And people who can take risks, are worthy of respect. Do you agree with me?

That is why you are worthy of respect, again decided to create their own business on the Internet. The risk of this not very big, of course, since the organization you need quite a bit of money over building a business as usual, but the responsibility for its future still remains.

However, and this risk can be minimized if you try to start earning online, without leaving your current job.

Yes, to begin to build a business on the Internet can be almost entirely without money and without leaving work. This is a huge plus, and for many the only chance to free themselves from dependence on the work of the whims of the bosses and everything else related to work. Business is an opportunity to increase their income to the amounts that will allow you to live comfortably ...

To live the way you want to order. You will have much more time to their favorite things, to travel, and children can spend as much time as you want, and not half an hour in the semi-conscious state of fatigue after work.

Business on the Internet, no matter how marginally profitable it was not for you at first, could eventually make you very rich man. Revenues are not limited. Starting, say, $ 3,000 per month, you will be able to raise their incomes and to the more impressive sums. Already there are people who are alone able to achieve the average monthly salary of $ 15,000, and it is only in runet. Zabugornogo about monsters, earning millions of dollars, I said nothing, but in runet this too will soon be possible.

It is important to keep up on time, and grab the chance by the bridle! Therefore, if the idea of ​​internet business you like, you should not lose a minute. Begin to delve into it right now. Especially for beginners, I wrote a free ebook to help you grasp the essence of how to make money online, what it takes, what you can expect, etc.

The book will also help ensure that any difficulties that are not very common man, no. Internet business is available to almost anyone who has a real desire to create it.
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Or how long it takes a novice, before he begins to enjoy their incomes
How fast can you start making money on Adsense?

Now I have started to ask very often about how much would it take to feel the first financial results.

The question is correct, so answer it with pleasure. But do not expect a simple answer ...

In earnings on Adsense, for that matter, and any other contextual advertising, it is very important ability to create and untwist sites in search engines.

Without the ability to correctly create a website and unleash it, the results will never happen.

So the first thing a beginner should learn before he can expect to pay - is the ability to create websites and optimize them for search engines.

Appeal to a freelancer for help in creating a site not solve the problem, because not every webmaster knows what to anticipate and provide for the site, so that he would bring a good income from the context.

But it can haunt you if somewhere to learn it, then you give a competent job freelancer, and he'll make you what you need.

But in addition to purely organizational issues when building a website should be taken into consideration the requirements of SEO (search engine optimization). If you just do not care about it, you can be sure that the site will have to redo (90% from 100%, so be it).

So again, or your freelancer, or you must know perfectly what to put in the website, so that he could roll out later in the search engines.

Tell me, how long would it take a novice to begin to understand these issues?

I think that about a month 2-3, although it all depends on the abilities. And mind you, I'm not talking about learning how to do everything, but only to understand the theory!

To learn how to make their own websites need a few more months, because in this case is not so much to be very clever, but simply to play around and find one's feet. Get used to programming to learn tags, and more.

Can I just do not teach and do their own sites?

You can, of course, but in this case would have to pay money to the performers and not everyone can afford it.

But suppose that a man can do and sites can untwist them, but in this case, he needs time to bring their earnings to at least $ 1,000 a month on condition that he still has no website?

In this case, the first good earnings from the site can be expected no earlier than one year. Why so long?

This is due to the peculiarities of search engine promotion.

The fact that new sites are not allowed (along with "old" sites) in the issue. They are holding for about one year in the so-called "sandbox".

During this period the site if it appears in the issue, only the low-frequency searches.

That with such requests had many visitors, it is necessary to have a very large site. And how great it come from, if he had just created?

That's right, nowhere.

Therefore, new sites have low attendance. The first year of life site - a collection of content and link mass. With proper execution of this work, a year when the site "will be released from the sandbox," he can take off dramatically in the State.

Lack of understanding of this issue makes to leave their sites the vast majority of newcomers, who months after six to eight break and go straight to where it all whine that nothing works in the promotion.

Oh, one more mistake lies in the fact that many people mistakenly equate the age of the domain to the age of the site.

But this is wrong. A domain can be registered at least 10 years ago, but if the site it created only a year ago, and indexed by the search engine only 6 months ago, the age of the site - it is six months.

That is still in the sandbox it sit at least six months. Age site in search engine optimization is considered from its search engine indexing.

And what we do in the end?

But in the end it turns out that if today's newcomer does not know how to create websites, know nothing about the features of a site in terms of search engine optimization and, therefore, has no experience, then at best he would be able to get the first good financial results only after a year and a half .

And then, provided that all this time it will be diligently engaged in, understand the issue and are constantly working on your site (or sites, because the more sites - the greater the earnings, although there is not so simple).

Basically, here I would suggest you enroll in school "BV", where I teach all of this, for a fee, of course. This is logical from a business perspective ...

But I must warn that a coherent and complete system of training I do not have.

Not yet had time to write and create a sufficient number of lessons. But something is, and that is, some have already helped.

I would like you to anything not appeal, but only to inform about the possibilities
Attention! All ideas Internet businesses include a detailed business plan, ability to organize a business idea, describe the costs of implementation, the strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about the ideas, choose any of the following ideas internet business.
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For quite a long time for all the Internet has appeared a source of constant income. If you were not aware, then you know - and now you have the opportunity to earn good money without leaving home. It's enough to write articles on topics of interest to you and sell them through a service TextSale.

What do you mean good? Your earnings will depend directly on the number of write and sell articles. Who then is enough for 100-200 dollars per month for hosting, domain name, just drink a beer with friends after school. And someone will not stop there and be able to supply the flow of writing articles, getting steadily higher wages, far higher than working for someone else. Conveniently, you yourself own boss, work at a convenient time as you want. No need to look for clients, customers - selling system unique content TextSale itself will take on the entire organization for the sale of articles and the search for buyers. Your business - only to write articles, more and higher quality, the greater your earnings. If you do not have an electronic purse, then pre-register it, because all the payments for articles go to the WMZ.
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Some of you will say: "But I'm not a professional in the field of authorship, I have not come out." The essence of all that you and not have to be professional. You can still make money. Service welcomes TextSale scheme riraytinga, ie perepisaniya any articles in their own words. Thus still get unique content that may be of interest to webmasters.

Who is buying these items, you ask? The creators of sites, webmasters, SEOs who need unique content for their resources. Unique content - a kind of food for search engine Yandex, Google, which is very well indexed pages with unique materials. Note that after the sale of articles, you lose all rights to use it, so do not try to sell the story again. But it does not matter, because the money you get for it already!

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