Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to increase your income by tens of times with resale rights?
Here you decide .... After much doubt you have discovered, finally, an Internet business. You have created a beautiful site and intend to sell it infoprodukty. Let me tell you a little secret about how you can increase your income by tens of times just using a tool of Internet marketing, both resale rights.
 Why Internet Marketing? In what may be the benefits? After all, selling a book with resale rights to it, you lose 100% profit! After all, you yourself could sell this book on your site, and take all the profits yourself? Why are so complicate?
 In theory - yes. However, if the present strategy of earnings in a broader sense, we can distinguish the earnings-oriented short-term and income-oriented long-term. Earnings in the short term - this is something that brings you income relatively quickly, but the source of such income is finite, and often low.
 Orientation for the long term will bring you income immediately, but that income will be more extended in time, and even more attractive - after a little preparatory work will be to act without your direct involvement.
Selling information products with resale rights, I just refer to as long-term strategy. Why so? Let us consider two options to communicate with these products - 1) You create an information product yourself and 2) you sell information products of others.
 If you are an expert in any field, you can write an e-book in this area of ​​expertise and sell it on the Internet. Even better, write two or three books. So you wrote a book. Now, it takes simple mathematics. Suppose you sell a book just on the site. Let's say you sell a copy of a book a day and the cost of such a book of 200 rubles. What will be your earnings in a month? Answer: 200h30 = 6000 rubles. It's gross revenues. Add to this tax (in different countries has its own rate) and the Commission offices (3-5%). For example, here the average internet businessman in Russia, which is the individual entrepreneur to UPDF (the simplified tax system) - income, which has concluded a contract with the cash register and pay, for example, 3% of revenues. Net income per month is (6000-3%) 6% = 5470 rubles.
 Sparse? What about all these calls about earnings $ 1,500 a month from home? About automated earnings in the Internet? Or an online business is - fraud, pyramid, sect, etc.? No! Do not lie, not a pyramid and not a sect. Fully able to reach a higher salary, or even (have an internet business, whose infoprodukty and $ 500 per piece purchased). It's all make the same people, as we are with you, so I have the audacity to declare that you can do it.
 But not only on the first day. Just not by magic. Please do not expect easy money. For more or less decent salary you need to make a name for himself and some traffic on the site. If visitors do not, you and 5470 rubles per month will not work, because then someone will sell you a book a day? Increase your income obviously will not work.
 Output are the books with resale rights. It is these books will help create a name. They will help create a visitors' traffic. How? It's very simple. You write an e-book, the basis of which, of course, is your unique product, which is interesting in the final consumer. Otherwise it simply will not sell. You turn to the right to resell the book at her. But what else are you doing? You turn into a book the advertising (advertising your website, blog, forum, books, newsletters), recommendations, links to product, active links to affiliate programs, etc. The main thing - advertising should be unobtrusive, vypolnennnoy in the form of advice or recommendations.
 Another advantage is the possibility of inclusion in the book of their advertising. How to do it, and how it will ultimately look like, you can learn by reading with free e-books on my website.
 Even better, if you leave these fields blank, so your customers can go to their advertising. Promotion of your books will go even faster.
 Further, when a book is sold, your buyers begin active operations on its resale. They organize your website, advertise the book in the forums, mailing list, where we can. In other words, your ads in the book, your affiliate link and advertise themselves in fact. Free of charge. Without your participation. And the more copies sold, the more people come to your site, the more buy the products you are promoting. This is called viral marketing, or rather one of its varieties. On the other varieties will be discussed in subsequent articles.
 And if you're not lazy, and write not one but two or three books, then after a while your income far exceeds the figure of 5470 rubles per month!
 But what if you still do not know what to write, do not have the necessary practical experience in a field of expertise, do not have the time or desire to write his book? Business on the Internet for you closed? Not at all! In this case you can just sell books by other authors, resale rights where you can purchase and thereby increase their income. Often nothing happens simply because the user does not know where to purchase such goods and, of course, has no time to perelopachivanie hundreds of sites. Well, actually, when to do it, not the same night?
 Besides, what is the guarantee that the purchased goods will be sold, has some practical value, etc.
 If this is your problem, and you are ready to give up that's why you should not give up. I am ready to help you and shoveled a lot of sites for you. Once I decided that the main feature of my store is easy to use, so most books are sold with resale rights.

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